Hack ’n’ Slide  is a puzzle mobile game where you will have to complete a lot of levels using a lot of originals mechanics. When you slide

In Hack ‘n’ Slide you will control Rootkid, a little computer virus that  slips to reach its goal. Once Rootkid has started to slide, he can’t switch directions! Use the differents elements and mechanics to help this poor virus reach its goal.

Hack the system!

Create Your Own Levels! 

Help Rootkid, a little computer virus, to enter into the depths of a security system. Its main objective is to get to the database to hack the system.

There are more than 70 levels with a lot of original mechanics! Try to combine all of them to solve the levels as you like.

Train your creativity!

With the level editor you will be able to create your own levels! Use all the available tools to create awesome levels and combine all the mechanics as you like to become the best builder!

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